Experimental Biophysics (15hp)

Solid State Physics



Note that it is mandatory to attend the first lecture in order to be admitted to the course. Please send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions about this policy.


All lectures and discussions during Stage 1 will take place online. A zoom link will be sent separate by email to all course participants.


Stage 1 Lectures and Discussions (January to March)


Purpose: assess information, extract important issues in scientific papers, gain knowledge about important fields.

Organization: The meetings come in pairs: one lecture and one seminar. The first is more or less a conventional lecture and at the second meeting you are expected to take active part in the discussion. Still, even during the lecture, feel free to interrupt the lecturer at any time! At the end of the lecture (first meeting) we will hand out questions and possibly other material.

Homework: Your task is to answer the questions and hand in the answers (in pdf-format by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) 48hrs before the next meeting (the second meeting, the seminar on Fridays), during which we will have a discussion based on the questions and your answers. The lecturer will also present additional details in the subject where appropriate during the seminar.

Here is a list of important expressions in fluidics and optics that need to be learnt.


1. Introduction, Scales in biology and physics (Prof. Jonas Tegenfeldt)

Sizes and scales of relevant biological entities (cells, DNA, protein etc).

Introduction to searching for information.

Plagiarism issues.

Lecture: Monday Jan 18 at 1015-1200
Download lecture notes for Intro
Download questions for Intro

Seminar: Friday Jan 22 at 1015-1200

Download seminar notes

Download answers for Intro


2. Optics on the small scale (Prof. Jonas Tegenfeldt)

Sub-diffraction-limited microscopy.

Single-molecule detection. Physics and applications.

Lecture: Monday Jan 25 at 1015-1200

Download lecture notes
Download questions for optics

Seminar: Friday Jan 29 at 1015-1200

Download answers


3. Fluidics, Basics (Prof. Jonas Tegenfeldt)

Navier-Stokes equation, Dimensionless numbers, Transport

Short overview of applications (bumper array and H-filter)

Lecture: Monday Feb 1 at 1015-1200

Download lecture notes for fluidics
Download questions for fluidics

Seminar: Friday Feb 5 at 1015-1200

Download answers


4. Fluidics, Applications (Prof. Jonas Tegenfeldt)

Microfluidic devices for sorting and handling of individual cells.

Lecture: Monday Feb 8 at 1015-1200
Download lecture on fluidics applications

Download questions

Seminar: Friday Feb 12 at 1015-1200

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5. Interactions of nanostructures with biological matter (Prof. Jonas Tegenfeldt)

Nanotoxicology and biocompatibility. Interaction between living matter and nanoscaled structures.

Lecture: Monday Feb 15 at 1015-1200

Download lecture notes for nanobio interactions

Download questions for nanobio

Seminar: Friday Feb 19 at 0815-1000 (NOTE new time, earlier in the day)

An additional opportunity to discuss the laterial will be given beginning of Martch.

Download answers for nanobio


6. Membrane Biophysics (Dr. Diogo Volpati)

Biomolecular interactions and the dynamics of lipid bilayer membranes.

Lecture: Monday Feb 22 at 1015-1200

Download lecture notes on membrane biophysics

Download questions on membrane biophysics
Seminar: Friday Feb 26 at 1015-1200

Download answers for membrane biophysics

7. Questions and Answers (Prof. Jonas Tegenfeldt)

Here is an opportunity to bring up the topics that you found difficult. There will be no scheduled program from my side. You bring questions and I try to answer them!

Seminar: Monday Mar 1  at 1015-1200
Selection of projects: Friday March 5 at 1015-1200

Download presentation from a previous year (2019) including list of suggested projects. Note that this will be updated.

8. Midterm exam

Monday March 15 at 0800 - 1300
Location: Depending on the development of COVID it will take place in Physics H421 or online.
The exam will cover the material presented so far during the course in the lectures, papers and any web sites. The questions during the seminars indicate what is relevant and important for this course.

Here is a list of important expressions in fluidics and optics that need to be learnt.

Old exam 2018b
Old exam 2013
Old exam 2012
Old exam 2011a
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Old exam 2011c


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